What Your Gym Doesn’t Want you to Know

For many people considering how to get fit or chase away some extra pounds, the simplest solution may seem to be joining a local gym. After all, there are fitness and health centres everywhere that seem to constantly advertise great deals to get your business. However, the truth is that your gym may not be quite as wonderful as it seems. Often, many gym-goers far prefer to hire their own equipment, than use the machines provided by their gym.

As great as a gym membership may appear to be for some people, it’s certainly not the right option for everyone. In fact, many people find themselves signing up for a gym membership only to end up wasting their money when they discover one of the secrets we’re going to outline for you below. Hopefully, this list will help you to make a careful, more informed decision about your fitness efforts.

1.     It’s Not as Healthy as you Think

Telling people that you’ve started going to the gym can seem like the best way to highlight your journey towards a fitter, happier you. However, gyms might not be as healthy as you think. In fact, one thing to remember is that there are often germs everywhere. After all, there are huge numbers of people using the same equipment, sweating on the same materials, and puffing the same air, which can all increase your chances of falling victim to illness. Most of the time, machine users won’t even bother to wipe away their sweat when they’re done using a machine.  Here at Hire Fitness, we clean and sanitise each machine before it goes out on the next hire and all our machines are serviced regularly to ensure maximum performance.

At the same time, those “healthy” smoothies that are available at the gym can contain a lot of calories – often far more than you would expect. It’s often a better idea to simply make your own juices at home, or drink water instead!

2.     There’s No Room for Shy People

If you’re shy, then the gym could be a very daunting place for you. Unlike with fitness equipment hire, where you can simply workout from the comfort of your own home, gyms place you in a position wherein you’re constantly observed by others. After all, just as you will need to wait in a huge queue just to get on the machine you want to use, when you finally get a chance to start working out, there will be people waiting around you too.

At the same time, the changing rooms are constantly full of people, and if you want to make sure that you’re not going home covered in sweat, then you’ll need to overcome your embarrassment about stripping off in public.

3.     Gyms Aren’t Always Cost-Effective

Finally, limited-time deals and offers can make gym memberships seem like an affordable solution for fitness, but the truth is that they’re often more expensive than you’d think. Fitness assessments are designed to sell you personal training sessions, and upsells are hidden in almost every aspect of your membership. There’s nothing to cover you if something goes missing from your locker in a gym, and if you forget something that you need, you’ll either have to purchase it there, or go back home again to pick it up.

Most people really don’t use their membership as often as they would need to in order to get their money’s worth. However, when you hire gym equipment instead, you can hire for as long as you like, and use your machine as frequently as you like without having to worry about shyness or hygiene. In other words, hiring equipment is just like going to the gym, without the hidden downsides.