Fitness Tips for Singers

Everyone knows it’s that time of the year again – X Factor time!  Hire Fitness has installed a top of the range gym into the X Factor house for the contestants to use during the competition; it’s not just vocal warm-ups that are the order of the day.  Physical warm-ups and exercise are an essential part of any singers regime and here’s our guide to keeping fit to maximise those lungs.

Exercise improves singing by increasing your cardio-vascular fitness, improving breath stamina and strengthening all over muscle tone. Keeping fit can help you sing more clearly and easily and will allow you to reach those higher notes effortlessly.

Exercising in Cold Weather

If at all possible, avoid exercising outside in the coldest or dampest of weather.  Your voice box is your working tool and you don’t want to risk throat infections or illnesses.  Join a local exercise class to improve your cardio-vascular fitness such as Yoga, Zumba or even Martial Arts.  If you have exercise equipment at home, make sure you use it regularly – if you don’t have anything at home, you can hire a treadmill, elliptical x-trainer, exercise bike or rowing machine from Hire Fitness for 4 weeks or more.  Light exercise is better than excessive training.

How Often Should You Exercise? 

If possible, you should aim to exercise for around 30 minutes on the days that you sing to ensure your voice is at it’s best.

What Sports are Best for Singers?

Yoga is a great way to relax you which can help with your stage presence and all round confidence.  Yoga also helps dramatically improve body posture and breath control.

is perfect for singers as not only does it keep you fit, it increases your breathing capacity and stretches your throat.

Martial Arts
is an excellent choice for singers as apart from general fitness, it helps centre your energy whilst at the same time building a connection with your breathing.