Fitness New Years Resolutions

How are Those New Year Resolutions Going? Why not Hire a Treadmill

Another year is well and truly here and as at the beginning of every year, we have the intention of making changes in our lives and in our habits. Between all the resolutions we make, one of the most common is to start a diet to lose those pesky calories which have been acquired from Christmas turkeys and new year over indulgence.

Exercise can help you lose those extra pounds and used regularly, a treadmill for running or walking will keep you fit. It is a valid training alternative when you do not have the time to get out or it’s just too miserable to get out!  If you are at home, you could do exercise anytime and for as long as you want.

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All our treadmills allow you to exercise and burn calories; this encourages you to keep going. Our treadmills have very similar specifications to those found in a gym and they’re packed with different routines to make exercise more fun and challenging. They also all have motorized incline which simulates hill walking.

Run on the treadmill In the morning, just after you wake up – get the workout over and done with early. That is the best way to start the day with positive energy and will actually help you burn off more calories throughout the day. In the afternoon/evening, you can use it for walking while you watch TV or listen to your favourite music

At Hire Fitness we can provide a machine that suits your requirements in terms of specification and cost, with minimum rental period of just 4 weeks and whenever you feel you’ve done enough, just hand it back and no need to worry about storage.

Finally if running or walking isn’t really your thing we can recommend other options across our wide range of cardio and strength equipment such as elliptical cross trainers, exercise bikes, rowing machines or vibration plates.

We launched our ultra new site this week which will provide all the info you need at  Easily navigate to your local office contact page and any of our reps will be happy to help and advise.

Follow these simple steps and you will fullfil one of your New Year’s resolutions and become healthier and fitter in 2014.