Fitness Equipment for Charity Events

Fitness Equipment for Charity Events in the Midlands

Hire fitness Midlands was proud to sponsor a charity day organised by Modus dental surgery on April 4th.  The day was a charity clay pigeon shoot with dentists mainly from around the Warwickshire and the Midland area, but further afield also.  The objective of the day was to raise money for The Myton Hospice; a charity which we fully support and which is close to our hearts here at Hire fitness Midlands.  Myton Hospice has been helping people for more than 30 years.  The disused children’s home was bought from Warwickshire County Council and converted into its current format in 1982.  The home was officially opened by the Duchess of Kent and the charity has gone from strength to strength since those early days and they now have a number of centres in the region.

Hire Fitness Midlands supplied the main raffle prize of exercise equipment for hire in the Midlands for 6 months.  Fitness equipment available for hire includes treadmills, x-trainers, exercise bikes, rowing machines and vibration plates.

Modus Dental smashed their target of £2000 for Myton Hospice and ended up raising well over £2500.  The raffle alone raised £400 which we were very pleased with.  Everyone was very happy with the day and the amount of money raised, so they hope to make the shoot a regular annual event.

London Marathon 2014 and 2015

This year we had a number of customers training for the London marathon on our treadmills.  They all completed the run and told us how invaluable the treadmill was to them during training.  With the wet winter we had and most people having to train after work, not getting drenched or run in the dark helped them achieve their individual goals.

vibration Plates

Vibration plates have started to disappear fast from our warehouse as everyone looks to the summer holidays to get trim, so don’t forget to put your order in now before they all go.  They’re super easy to use and you can literally get fit by using one for just 15 minutes a day, a few days a week.  You can perform all the usual floor exercises you would normally do on a mat, on the vibration plate and because your muscles are forced to contract much more quickly due to the vibrations, your workout time can be slashed to just 15 minutes!