Fit in Just 4 minutes

Do you never have enough time in the day to exercise?   Well this may be your answer.

Dr Izumi Tabata from Japan, has developed a new punishing exercise programme which he claims can improve your cardiovascular health in just 4 minutes!

Why not try this on your exercise bike or rowing machine for 6 weeks and see what results you can achieve:

So what’s the strategy?

20 seconds all out effort 10 seconds rest repeat 8 times

Tabata reportedly says “If you feel OK afterwards you’ve not done it properly.  The first three repetitions will feel easy but the last two will feel impossibly hard.”  He also added “beginners should start with educated trainers so that they can work at the correct intensity for them”.

Tabata apparently developed this programme following extensive research and monitoring of Japan’s speed skating team in the early 1990s.  His conclusion was that short bursts of intensive exercise produced just as good a result as hours of moderate training.

This intensive programme is said to burn up to 150 calories in the 12 hours after exercise, even when at rest; this is due to the excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.