Easter Fitness

At last – winter’s finally over and many of us are about to embark on a fitness regime or diet in time for summer; but beware of the dangers of the Easter period and particularly those Easter eggs.  Here’s our Hire Fitness Easter fitness advice for anyone who’s inadvertently overindulged over the holiday period!

Dare we ask – how many Easter eggs did you get this year?  And how many have you eaten so far?  (No – really?!)  In the UK it’s said that over 80 million Easter Eggs are sold each year but in fact the figure could be as high as 150 million according to some sources.  But if you’re someone who cares about their waistline and health than you might be shocked to hear how many calories the average Easter egg contains:

170g, regularl sized egg = 1034 calories

275g, larger sized egg = 1674 calories

If we’re eating 80 million eggs each year then that’s a whopping total  of more than 80 Billion calories consumed by UK citizens every Easter!  And that’s equal to  2.3 million lbs of fat every Easter. To burn off 1lb of fat the average person would need to burn a massive of 3500 calories.

Exercise is by far the safest and quickest way of expending calories.  Even if it’s just mild exercise or high intensity exercise the longer and more frequently you can exercise, the quicker you’ll burn off those calories.  Here’s our Easter fitness advice.

Hire Fitness is the UK’s largest exercise equipment hire company and we have a specialist range of fitness equipment for hire that will help you burn off those Easter egg calories. Our range is designed to cater for everyone including the first time users of fitness equipment to the fitter individuals who should know better!  If you want to see which machines and types of exercise will help you burn the most calories then we have compiled a simple chart below showing the calorie expenditure using various pieces of gym equipment for just 30 minutes.


Equipment                   Duration           Intensity           Calories           Egg calories burnt off *

Vibration Plate               20mins               Easy                 190                   1140

Exercise Bike                30mins               Moderate           219                   1314

Treadmill                       30mins               Walking             261                   1566

Elliptical Trainer             30mins               Moderate           355                    2130

Rowing                          30mins              Moderate           392                     2352

Treadmill                       30mins               Running            453                     2718


So if you have overindulged this Easter then give us a call on 0800 612 6822 or drop us an email to [email protected] and we can provide you with the tools to get those excess and unwanted calories off and don’t forget you’ll get fitter at the same time.


*Based on 3 x 1 hour training sessions


Tim Evans

Hire Fitness, Surrey and SW London