Christmas Spinning

Unfortunately Christmas seems to have got in the way of my Spinning workout weight loss training plans!

I had hoped to have lost a few pounds by the time the festivities arrived and maintained that until the end of 2013, thankfully I did manage to get some spinning training sessions in during festivities and it is a good job I did because had I not, I am sure that I would have been a good deal heavier than I am actually now. As it is, despite by best efforts (which actually were not that great) I have gone from  12st 5lbs to 12st 7lbs, it is a good job that I am 6ft 5 inches tall and therefore well within my ideal weight to height range and still looking slim…..I wish!!!

I am actually a rather not so lofty 5 ft, 7 and ¾ inches short (that ¾ is very important!) This makes me overweight, overweight for my height, overweight for my age, overweight for my body type (I am not big boned!) and more importantly in relation to my ambitions as a middle aged lycra clad cycling speedster, overweight for a cyclist…of my height!

I was determined not to overdo it this year and to be honest in the run up to Christmas I was fairly disciplined, no wild parties or Christmas dinners full of excess and I thought I had done quite well by not getting as many treats in for the festive period.  However,  as usual like the majority of us I weakened at last minute, unsure if I would last the epic 24 hours that the supermarkets closed for, doubts creeping in to my mind about surviving the period should I get snowed in….so on Christmas Eve  I went food shopping. Well, ok, not just food, drink as well, when I mean drink I do not mean the 2 litres of water we should all drink every day (does anyone actually drink this amount? I can’t believe they do as nobody would get any work done as they would be on the loo most of the day!)….so I ended up with far too much food and drink which I of course ate and drunk, which I most certainly was by Christmas day lunchtime, drunk that is!…by the way can somebody tell me exactly when did smoked salmon and scrambled eggs washed down with bucks fizz actually become a Christmas breakfast tradition? I certainly don’t remember it as a child!!

As previously mentioned the effect of this was that I put on 2 lbs despite my indoor cycling workouts, now if you are reading this please do not be put off by this fact, don’t think that exercise is a waste of time, it isn’t.  I am utterly convinced that I consumed well over 2 stone of food and drink on Christmas day and Boxing day, taking in to account natural bodily functions assisting in getting rid of some of this extra burden, I am sure that if I had not consumed this much food and drink, I would have actually lost about half a stone by now, which gives me great hope for the New Year!!