Cheap Gym Equipment

Paul Healey

If you want to buy cheap gym equipment for your home, you’ll usually regret it further down the line as you’ll probably end up buying something that’s not sturdy and not going to last.  They say you get what you pay for and with gym equipment, that phrase couldn’t be more true.  There are lots of ‘value’ treadmills, cross trainers, exercise bikes, rowing machines and vibration plates on the market today which won’t cost you very much but you should look out for the following which may not suit your requirements:

  • You may have to assemble the gym equipment yourself which can be tricky to do.  You need the right tools and knowledge to do it correctly.
  • Is your cheap gym equipment motorised or self generating?  For example, manual treadmills are generated by pushing your feet on the belt as you walk or run.  These types of treadmills are very basic and you’ll usually get a lot of shaking from the machine while you run.
  • With the motorised equipment, how fast can the drive belt go?  Is the treadmill deck cushioned to help relieve stress on your joints? Is the deck short and narrow?  The larger space you have to run, the better and safer your experience.
  • Does your ‘value’ fitness equipment have a good selection of built in and user definable programmes to help you elevate your fitness levels and achieve your overall goals?
  • Can you fold your cheap gym equipment for storage purposes?
  • Is your ‘value’ running machine fitted with a safety clip to ensure the motor cuts out immediately should you experience problems on the equipment?
  • Check that the maximum user weight is sufficient for your needs.
  • Does your cheap gym equipment come with a manufacturers warranty?
  • What happens if you buy your cheap gym equipment and a month in you realise that you wished you’d bought another type of fitness equipment.

Try Before you Buy

Here at Hire Fitness, we think we have the answer to the cheap gym equipment dilema.  In order to get good quality fitness equipment, you really need to buy commercial grade equipment which can literally cost thousands of pounds.  The alternative is to try before you buy with Hire Fitness – check out our full range:  Click here.  We hire gym quality fitness equipment for use in schools, offices, hotels and so on. All our fitness equipment is top of the range and thoroughly cleaned and serviced prior to every hire.  You can hire a treadmill, cross trainer, exercise bike, rowing machine or vibration plate for as little as 4 weeks at a time and we deliver to your door, install the equipment and get you started with some basic instruction on how to use the machine.  If you decide after 4 weeks that you want to try another piece of fitness equipment, we will come and swap the machine for you and install the new fitness equipment.

This process gives you a clear indication which type of fitness equipment you’d like to buy and it’s much cheaper to pay a monthly rent than it is to buy a gym quality piece of fitness equipment outright.  Once you’ve decided what you really like, you can buy the piece of gym equipment from us and we’ll offer you generous discounts based on the rent you’ve already paid.  Alternatively, you can go on hiring for as long as you like so when you’ve had enough, you simply call us to arrange collection at a time to suit you.

We think you’ll agree that this solves the problem of trying to find cheap gym equipment.

Nicky Terrett

Hire Fitness, West London