Amazing Facts About Race Bikes

Exercise bikes are exceptionally popular pieces of home exercise equipment, and they come in various styles, sizes and price ranges; here is our amazing facts about race bikes. With race bike hire, people of all levels of fitness can experience the benefits of a great cardio workout, starting out at a comfortable speed without having the excess worry of muscle or joint strain. As your skill level increases on a race bike, you can increase the level of tension that you are working at so that it feels as though you’re riding uphill, or at a greater speed. Someone at a higher level of fitness could potentially ride at a greater speed and tension for a particularly intense workout. The great thing about exercise bikes and race bikes is that most of the time, you already know how to use one. Most people learn to ride a bike when they’re very young, meaning they’re already used to the pedalling motion. You can now hire race bikes from Hire Fitness, for as little as £12 a week.  So what’s so amazing about race bikes?

1.      Race Bikes Help you Burn Calories  Race bike hire

Hiring a race bike and pedalling for half an hour a day, could be enough to hit your daily goal for calorie burning; the more calories that you burn at a quicker rate, the easier managing your weight will be. Riding a race bike at a moderate pace for a period of thirty minutes could burn about 260 calories for someone who weighs approximately 155 pounds. However, the great thing about race bikes is that the more you weigh, the more calories you will burn.  You can also consider using your exercise bike or race bike for High Intensity Training (HIT).  The principles of HIT are that the exercises should be brief and intense and not performed on a daily basis.  This can be perfect if you’re a busy person, with little time free to exercise.

2.      Race Bikes are Friendly to Your Joints

Various types of aerobic activity, including team-based sports or jogging, can be rough on your knees and joints because of the degree of impact that is involved. Hire a race bike and you’ll get your heart pumping like it should be, without harming your joints. Clinics have noted that this is especially beneficial to people who are more than fifty pounds overweight because mechanical stress on knees, ankles and hips is reduced.

3.      Race Bikes Can Extend Your Life

Race bike hire can help your cardio fitness by helping to lower blood pressure, regulate blood sugar, and prevent heart attacks – especially in those that have already suffered cardiovascular issues. Studies have found that regular use of an indoor race bike helps to improve the efficiency of your heart muscle, as well as lowering the bad cholesterol within your system.

4.      Race Bikes can Help Improve Your Mood

Exercise in general has long been praised as a fantastic way to boost mood, and research has confirmed that the benefits go deeper than just a simple ‘feel good’ outcome. Most people are familiar with the concept of brain chemicals controlling emotions and drive. For example, endorphins create a sense of euphoria, and dopamine leads to excitement. Using a race bike for an hour is a rhythmic, sustained and reviving exercise, perfect for creating the circumstances that lead to a feeling of euphoria. Think of the term ‘runner’s high’ and apply it to a bike!

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