5 Powerful Ways to Improve Fitness

The progress made by medical science has vastly enhanced and extended the average life expectancy of humans, helping to eradicate serious diseases.  However, we could all do better by improving our fitness levels.  There’s a lot to be said for long term healthy eating and exercise, but it’s never too late to start.  It’s still possible to improve your overall health by following our 5 powerful ways to improve your fitness.


If there’s one thing that is guaranteed to increase and sustain your fitness for your life, it has to be the habit of exercising. Many clinical trials have proven that exercising helps to build bone mass, which in turn ensures a diminished chance of suffering from weak and dysfunctional joints.  In addition, the efficiency of the heart increases steadily as you exercises, as it learns to pump oxygen rich blood through the body efficiently. Making fitness a part of your daily routine means you won’t have to find the time to exercise.  Choose the stairs, walk to work, jog during your lunch break or go to the gym.  If your office has the space, why not encourage the management to install a small staff gym – gym equipment hire isn’t as expensive as you’d think and it means you can workout without having to leave the office. 


Now that you’ve vowed to embrace exercising as a habit, you should begin consuming lots of water. Apart from helping to increase your energy levels and preventing the build op of toxins in your body, water also goes a long way in maintaining essential body functions such as digestion and metabolism. By consuming ample amounts of water, your body gets the natural fuel it most needs to stay fit and healthy. Drinking lots of water also helps to suppress unnecessary hunger pangs leaving you to eat meals when you’re supposed to, without snacking in between times.   


Inadequate sleep automatically leads to cognitive troubles and lethargy apart from evident signs such as dirk circles around the eyes and uneven skin pigmentation. On the other hand, sufficient and regular sleep keeps the body active and keeps your skin in good shape.


You might be surprised to learn that positive thoughts have a measurable impact on your body’s fitness.  Studies have shown that people who have a positive attitude towards life could live as many as 7.5 years more than those who don’t. The hormones released in the body when the brain is full of positive thoughts, keeps toxins under check and helps sustain a fit and healthy body.


Irregular eating habits and wrong eating choices can seriously damage your fitness.  On the contrary, healthy foods enhance your fitness. By eating food such as vitamin rich fruit and vegetables, protein rich pulses, fibre etc, you’re helping your body maintain a healthy balance.