5 Amazing Facts About Exercise Bikes

When you’re thinking about starting a new exercise program, the key to success is typically finding an activity that you can enjoy, and that is simple enough to do. That’s why exercise bikes are so often a good choice, particularly for a novice in fitness, or someone who has suffered back, joint or knee problems in the past that could make walking or running more complicated. Exercise bikes are capable of providing numerous benefits to users, regardless of their fitness level or goals, and one of the best things about them is that they are so easy to use. When you rent an exercise bike, there’s no learning curve or need to visit a gym for a walkthrough from a professional. If you can sit down and move your legs to pedal, then the chances are you can use an exercise bike.

Additionally, these machines are fantastic for cardiovascular workouts, which help to reduce the occurrence of some of the most common and serious diseases out there, including diabetes and heart disease. Simply working out a few times a week on your hired bike can provide fantastic benefits to your quality of life, both in terms of fitness and weight loss. So what should you really know about exercise bikes?

  1. They provide low impact forms of exercise

An exercise bike can provide a gentle, low impact workout, which allows individuals to improve their fitness level without having to put potentially damaging excess stress on their spine. Riding an exercise bike is a great way to strengthen the muscles in your lower body without excess stress harming your joints. Exercise bike routines have even been prescribed by physical therapists to help someone recover from an injury or surgery.

  1. They Strengthen your muscles

Exercise bikes enhance the major muscle groups in your legs, back and thighs, as well as giving your hamstrings a workout too. When you push down to pedal, you strengthen your quadriceps, and when you pull back up, you work out your hamstrings.

  1. They are efficient calorie burners

Exercise bikes are incredibly efficient when it comes to burning calories. According to publications given by Harvard Health, riding an exercise bike for a period of thirty minutes at a moderate pace can burn up to 210 calories for an individual weighing 125 pounds or 250 calories for someone weighing 155 pounds. The more that you weigh, the more calories you could potentially burn during your exercise routine.

  1. They Improve the function of your lungs and heart

Regular exercise on an exercise bike strengthens your lungs and heart, improving the ability of your body to utilize oxygen efficiently. Exercise bikes can also help to decrease blood pressure and improve respiratory function over time.

  1. They’re convenient

With an exercise bike, bad timing or weather doesn’t stop you from your workout routine. With hiring opportunities, you can keep one stored away within your office or home, meaning that you can do your routine whenever you have a moment to spare. You might even decide to exercise while watching television or checking your email.