3 Secrets to Treadmill Workouts

Treadmills are simple and wonderfully versatile options for indoor exercise, providing a venue for walking or running towards a healthier lifestyle. Treadmills are usually a popular choice for people who are starting to work out for the first time, or are constructing a new exercise routine, because most individuals, regardless of their fitness level, can tolerate walking.  Here are out 3 secrets to treadmill workouts.

As with any other form of aerobic exercise, using a treadmill has cardiovascular health benefits. As you run on a treadmill, you consistently utilize the major muscle groups in your arms, legs, and hips. The more physical effort that you exert, the more your heart and breathing rate will increase, leading to boosted blood-flow throughout your muscles. Over a period of time, constant aerobic exercise can strengthen your heart, and lower its resting rate, improving circulation and keeping your arteries clear for a longer, healthier life. With treadmill hire anyone can lower their risk of suffering from heart attacks and strokes later in life. So how do you make the most out of your treadmill workout routine without becoming bored or tired too quickly? These secrets are here to help.

1.)    Warm Up Right

When you’re starting a new fitness regime, it can be all too easy to jump in head-first and start cranking your set-pace up. People can often forget that when they run outside, they allow their body to adjust to an optimal pace, and try to force more from themselves than they are physically capable of achieving. Warming up properly can help you to make sure that you experience a safe and effective workout, without using up all of your energy in the first five minutes. Start by walking for three minutes, moving from a slow pace to a brisk one within the last minute. Then move your walk to a jog for a further three minutes and finish with twenty seconds of fast running, followed by fourty seconds of recovery.

2.)    Mix Up Your Run

Simply running at the same pace on your treadmill for thirty minutes to an hour can be incredibly boring. Most people find that exercising this way makes the process more of a chore, because they end up getting distracted ten minutes in, and start wondering what television shows might be on. Instead of thirty minutes of continuous set-pace walking, break up your run into six five-minute intervals. For example, five minutes of jogging, followed by five minutes of walking, followed by five minutes of running, and so on. It will help the time to pass quicker, and breaks up your routine so that you have smaller goals to focus on.

3.)    Challenge Yourself

Most treadmills will measure your distance and speed during the course of an exercise regime, and having this information presented to you can be a great motivation when it comes to working out effectively and efficiently. Check how you’re doing and push yourself to go further when you can. Try a few sprints from time to time, or see if you can maintain a certain pace for one minute longer than usual.