What’s the Best Diet for Me

So – we’re well into January now, in fact it’s almost February.  Are you sticking to your new year diet that you promised yourself you’d stick to this year?  According to statistics, around 64% of us are still working hard at maintaining our fitness and diet related new years resolutions at the end of January, so we thought we’d compile a summary of some of the top diet plans in case you’re not happy with the one you’ve chosen so this year:

1.   Mediterranean diet:  This is a good old fashioned diet where the main emphasis is on oily fish, olive oil, fresh salads and raw veggies.  If a true mediterranean diet is followed, dinner is always washed down with a large glass of red wine!  We’re not sure if that’s too good for the waist line but we like the sound of it though!

2.   DASH:  This one stand for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension.  It’s a diet pattern full of fruit and veggies which aims to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. The plan includes foods low in saturated fat and rich with whole grains, fish, poultry, beans and seeds.  It contain few sweet foods and very little red meat.

3.   Weight Watchers:  This plan puts a point value on every food and you have to keep a record of how many points you eat each day, up to your daily limit.  Fruit and veggies have zero points so you can eat as many as you like.

4.   South Beach Diet:  In this plan, low carbohydrates and high proteins are the key.  It’s full of fresh veggies, fish, eggs, lean poultry, low fat dairy products and whole grains.

5.   Atkins:  The Atkins diet is a high protein, high fat diet where carbs are frowned upon, so meat, seafood and eggs are high on the agenda.

6.   Dukan:  This is very similar to the Atkins diet except you’re allowed to eat non-starchy veggies such as mushrooms, salad, peppers and cucumber.  You’re not allowed to eat fruit.

7.   Slimfast:  This one allows you to drink a Slimfast milky shake for breakfast and for lunch and have a healthy meal with meat/fish and veg in the evening.

8.   Rosemary Conley:  This plan is more like a club where slimming and fitness are combined.  You get advice about healthy eating and you have an exercise class at the same time.

9.   The Biggest Loser:  This is an all round health and fitness plan.  The Biggest Loser advises you on healthy eating plans based around calorie counting and exercise plans to help you achieve your goal weight.

10. Cambridge Diet:  This diet is based around a range of low calorie shakes, soups and snack bars designed to fulfill your entire days nutritional needs.