How to Measure Body Fat Percentage

Why Should You Measure Body Fat Percentage?

It’s important to measure body fat percentage, not just your body weight. The human body is composed of bone, blood, muscle, organs, connective tissue and fat tissue. Although certain levels of fat tissues are required by the body, they are often stored in excessive amounts. We tell you here, how you can measure body fat percentage.

When people think of how to measure their body composition the most common way is to jump on the scales to find out their weight, and then aim to lose weight by diet and exercise.

However, when you start to exercise, as well as reducing fat stores you will increase the amount of muscle in your body.

Although this is a good thing to have achieved, muscle weighs more than fat so when you get back on the scales you may have put weight on, despite having lost fat.

Therefore a better way of monitoring progress is by measuring the percentage of your body that is made up of fat, in other words, measure your body fat percentage.

The recommended fat level in those under 30 years old is 14-20% for men and 17-24% for women.

For those over 30 it is 17-23% for men and 20-27% for women.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

As well as body fat % it is important to consider how much weight a person is carrying in relation to their body size.

BMI = Weight in KG


(Height in Metres) ²

For example, for someone who weighs 85KG and is 1.90 metres tall

85/1.90² = 85/3.61 = 23.5%

20 – 25% = Acceptable

25 – 30% = Overweight

30 – 35% = Obese

Don’t panic if when you measure your body fat percentage, the results fall outside these figures, just aim to be closer to them in 3 months when you do your next calculation. As well as regular exercise, diet is important in controlling fat levels.

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