Flat Stomach Like Duchess of Cambridge

The Duchess of Cambridge inspires a 650% increase in fat busting treatment enquiries!

The Duchess of Cornwall has sparked headlines in October when she exposed her amazing flat stomach whilst participating in a bit of Volleyball with young players at the former Olympic Park. Since seeing her pictures there has been a huge 650% surge in enquiries for fat burning treatments at Clinics to try and reproduce an amazing flat stomach like hers. These fat burning treatments, can whittle up to two inches off the waistline, and is particularly popular with new mothers, many of whom are anxious to swap mummy tummies for a flat stomach like Duchess of Cambridge.

There have been many fat burning treatments on the market in the past and the latest and most effective treatment is Cavitation therapy which permanently destroys stubborn fat cells. The treatment works by sending focused ultrasound waves to parts of your body you want to contour, whilst protecting your outer layers of skin, nerves and blood vessels. The ultrasound waves gently heat up the treatment area without discomfort which then creates bubbles in the fat cells which then expand and implode reducing them to their liquid form triglyceride and gases. This is then broken down by the body and naturally expelled through the liver and the urinary system.

If you want a flat stomach like Duchess of Cambridge try CaviSculpt

Most people experience amazing results after just one session and Cavitation Therapy is perfect for both men and women who want to slim down stubborn areas of their body that are not affected by exercise alone. What’s even better is the process continues to work over a number of weeks as the body naturally clears the fatty deposits so without any surgery or pain, you can expect to be slimmer and have less or no cellulite. There is little or no discomfort during the treatment and you can go about your business directly after each treatment.

The leading brand of Cavitation equipment in the United Kingdom is Cavisculpt which can be found at www.cavisculpt.com. The Cavisculpt range is designed for the professional beauty market and Ultim8 Beauty is a specialist chain of clinics that use and specialize in this form of fat burning therapy. The Ultim8 beauty chain www.ultim8beauty.com of clinics is expanding fast and they have also seen a massive increase in enquiries since see the pictures of the Duchess’s flat stomach.

Cavisculpt also has a range of home machines designed to be used in the comfort if your own home as and when it suits. The entire Cavisculpt range including the home model can also been hired through Hire Fitness a nationwide Fitness equipment hire company www.hirefitness.co.uk The home machine can delivered directly to your door within 48 hours of your order and comes with a full set of instructions and can also be supplied with Vibration Plate to speed up the fat loss procedure even further.

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