3 Secrets to Treadmill Workouts

School gym

Treadmills are simple and wonderfully versatile options for indoor exercise, providing a venue for walking or running towards a healthier lifestyle. Treadmills are usually a popular choice for people who are starting to work out for the first time, or are constructing a new exercise routine, because most individuals, regardless of their fitness level, can…

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Why are Cross Trainers so Good for you

The Cross trainer, also referred to as an elliptical trainer, offers a fantastic fitness alternative for people who want to make a change from treadmills, steppers and exercise bikes. So why are cross trainers so good for you?  Using a cross trainer to train has huge benefits for your cardiovascular health, which is fantastic for…

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Top tips for elevating your running fitness with treadmills

Hire Fitness supports First Person to run the Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge  Top tips for elevating your running fitness with treadmills This story has been recounted by Isaac Kenyon following his 3 peaks challenge: I had never ran further than a marathon before and after 5 months of training I recently I became the first…

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