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A Complete Guide to Home Gym Equipment

  As the world continues to learn more about the importance of health and fitness, people of all ages and backgrounds are beginning to invest more in their wellness routines, so here’s our complete guide to Home Gym Equipment. Unfortunately, for those who don’t know you can hire fitness equipment for home use, that means…


How To Get Fit With Exercise Bike Hire

  There’s more to getting fit than burning calories or fat and exercise bike hire might just be the answer. If you want to be fitter, then you need a strategy to help you make your body as physically healthy as possible. One great way to get started is to make sure that you have…


Concept 2 Hire

Concept 2 Hire is an excellent way to get fit in the comfort of your own home.  The Concept 2 rowing machine can be used by beginners or professional athletes as they are straight forward to use with varied adjustments, they are a great way to improve or even maintain your cardio-vascular fitness level from…


Home Fitness

A Beginners Guide to Home Fitness Regular exercise, and a reliable home fitness routine can go a long way to giving you the body and lifestyle that you want. Not only can your daily workout do wonders for your waistline, but scientific research has proven that pursuing an active lifestyle can literally help to cure…


Exercise that is easy on your joints

  There are a number of reasons why someone might choose to seek out low-impact exercises when they’re trying to get into shape. If you have recently suffered an injury, or experience difficulties caused by arthritis, you may find that finding the right fitness regime is something of a challenge. Even if your joints are…


How Treadmill Hire Helps you Stick to Your Workout

  Looking for a simple and efficient way to boost your workout?  Treadmill hire could be the perfect solution. Not only do you get access to a piece of professional equipment – designed for use within a professional gym setting, but you get to enjoy all the benefits of a comprehensive workout from the comfort…


Top Tips for Treadmill Workouts

It’s safe to say that the treadmill is a fantastic option for cardio training. Even if you feel as though you are moving faster when you’re running outdoors, the inclines, and different settings that can be accessed using a treadmill could mean that you can actually get more from the belt, than from outdoor sessions.…


What Your Gym Doesn’t Want you to Know

For many people considering how to get fit or chase away some extra pounds, the simplest solution may seem to be joining a local gym. After all, there are fitness and health centres everywhere that seem to constantly advertise great deals to get your business. However, the truth is that your gym may not be…


New Year’s Resolutions 2017

Happy new year to all our readers.  So, another year has well and truly begun and we’re wondering how  many of you have health and fitness related New Year’s Resolutions?  To lose weight and eat healthier is the number one New Year’s Resolution of choice!  So we figure a lot of you have the same…


Fitness tips for Christmas 2016

  Fitness tips for Christmas 2016 Fitness and Christmas are not usually words that are used together at this time of year!  But having worked hard all year long to keep fit and keep the weight down, Christmas comes around and lots of your hard work is undone in a matter of days.  It’s a…


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