Professional Beauty

Our full range of exclusive beauty equipment designed especially for clinics and salons can be seen at the website of our sister company Cavisculpt. At Hire Fitness we supply the best selling CaviSculpt Define which incorporates both ultrasound to remove fat plus a lipolysis treatment head with diode laser to treat the face. Full comprehensive ABT accredited training is provided free with every purchase.

From: £75.00 per week

The top-selling CaviSculpt Define, incorporates two treatment heads for a complete body solution. The innovative Define uses ultrasound cavitation treatment, which emits both 20 KHz and 40KHZ for removing various types of fatty tissue. .

The second treatment head is the lipolysis head and diode laser, which emits a small, 1KHZ of treatment designed specifically to treat stubborn areas around the face. This treatment is ideal for stimulating collagen growth and improving skin elasticity
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