Treadmill Hire

Treadmills are an excellent way to improve your cardiovascular fitness levels, whatever the weather and using a treadmill gives you an all over body workout.  The treadmill simulates walking or running, depending on how fast you set the belt speed and therefore exercises both the upper and lower muscle groups at the same time.  However, with good quality treadmills like ours, the cushioned deck means it's a lot less stressful for your joints than walking or running on the road and a lot safer.  The deck can be raised at varying inclines to simulate hill walking or running.

Hire Fitness is Europe's largest fitness equipment hire company and has been hiring fitness equipment to people across the UK and Ireland for more than 10 years.  With expansion, we are now moving into wider Europe with France and Germany coming onboard first.  As market leaders, we stock a fantastic range of treadmills suitable for both domestic and office hire and a range of treadmills suitable for sustained use in hotels, leisure centres, gyms, schools and universities.  We also offer treadmill hire by the day for television and film shoots and events.  We deliver directly to your location within 3 days of your booking or sooner and set up the equipment ready for use.



Our range of treadmills are all packed with varying different features depending on the model you choose.  Features include body fat monitors, built in exercise programmes, heart rate monitors, ipad, ipod and USB connectivity, built in speakers, drinks holders, solid build quality with extra cushioned and extra long decks, massive inclines, chest straps for pulse rate measurement and some fold for easy storage when not in use.

Our treadmills and all our fitness equipment is thoroughly cleaned and checked before each hire and a copy of our check list is provided for your information.  All our equipment is regularly serviced and maintained to a very high standard by our experienced engineers.

If you don't know whether a treadmill is for you or not, you can ask for a free no-obligation demonstration at your home of office to help you decide.

To ensure that you do not lose motivation with your fitness training, longer rental periods attract free equipment swaps.  You choose the equipment you want to swap to and we deliver it to you at a date and time to suit you.  The old equipment is then taken away.

We also offer a 'hire3, get one free' scheme where you rent 3 pieces of fitness equipment from Hire Fitness and you get the cheapest piece absolutely free for the duration of the hire.  And if at the end of the treadmill hire you simply cannot bear to hand back your treadmill, you can buy it at a discounted price; the discount is calculated based on the rent you've already paid.

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