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 Vibration-plates can be the perfect form of exercise if you don't have much time.  A full body workout can be achieved on a vibration plate in just 10-15 minutes as the muscles contract much more quickly than our bodies can achieve naturally, thereby significantly speeding up the exercise process.  You can do all the usual exercises you would do on say an exercise mat, such as squats, push ups, lunges, bicep curls, tricep curls (with the attached straps provided), sit ups and so on.  

There has been a huge amount of research into the health and fitness benefits that can be drawn from exercising on a vibration-plate and the list includes amongst other benefits:

1. Weight loss and toning
2. Increases strength and general fitness
3. Maintains muscle tone
4. Reduces cellulite
5. Accelerates lymph drainage and increases circulation
6. Increases metabolic rate
7. Increases bone density

Hire Fitness has been helping people achieve their fitness goals for more than 10 years and as Europe's largest fitness equipment hire company, we have office all across the UK, Ireland and we're now expanding into wider Europe including France and Germany.  We have top of the range vibration-plates for domestic and office use and full commercial quality vibration-plates for sustained use in gyms, leisure centres, hotels, schools and colleges.  We also hire vibration-plates by the day for television, film shoots and events.  We deliver directly to your door and set up the equipment ready for use.

When you hire one of our power vibration plates, you'll also receive a manual and a full sized training poster to give you ideas of exercises to do on your vibration-plate and how to get the best out of your hire.  Our vibration-plates also come with attached arm/leg straps and handles for exercises such as bicep and tricep curls.  The vibration-plate PRO is slightly smaller than its commercial equivalent, vibration-plate PRO+ and so is more suitable for domestic or office use.  The PRO+ has a full sized plate and both models operate on the highest power available on the market today.  

Our vibration-plates are cleaned and checked thoroughly prior to each hire.  And they are regularly serviced and maintained to a high standard by our experienced engineers.

If you're not sure that a vibration-plate is for you, you can ask for a free no-obligation demonstration at your home or office.  

Longer rental periods attract free equipment swaps.  So once you have hired a vibration-plate from Hire Fitness and you decide you'd like to try another piece of fitness equipment, simply decide what you want and we'll deliver directly to you.  We'll take away the old piece of equipment at the same time, so you'll never lose motivation with your fitness training.

We also offer 'hire 3, get one free' where you rent 3 pieces of fitness equipment and get the cheapest one absolutely free for the duration of the hire.  And at the end of your hire period, if you cannot imagine losing your fitness equipment, you can buy it and we'll give you a discount off the purchase price based on the rent you've already paid.

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