Elliptical Cross Trainers

Cross trainer hire is a great way to improve your cardio-vascular fitness. A cross trainer is the perfect non-impact solution for an all-over-body workout which will not cause excessive pressure on your joints. Cross trainer hire simulates walking, running and stair-walking and works both the upper and lower body. It also strengthens muscles in the abdominal area and lower back. There is no other single piece of fitness equipment that simultaneously works as many muscle groups as the elliptical cross-trainer, which is what makes it the perfect all rounder.

Our range of elliptical crosstrainer for hire have different levels of exercise programmes built in to allow you to adapt your training to your specific needs. The sophisticated back-lit onboard computers monitor body fat, body mass index and heart rate and also allow for fitness tests. Some models include ipad/ipod/USB connectivity and also stride length adjustment which is particularly useful for tall users.

If you're looking for a comprehensive and fun way to improve your cardiovascular fitness, achieve better health, or simply access an all-over body workout, look no further than cross trainer hire from Hire Fitness. By stimulating stair-walking, running, and walking, if you hire a cross-trainer, youll work the muscles of both the lower, and upper body, while strengthening various muscles in the lower back and abdominal area. There is no other piece of fitness equipment available today that can work as many muscle groups as once as the elliptical cross-trainer, making it the ideal all-round solution for fitness.

It's impossible to ignore the wide range of advantages that regular exercise gives to your body and mind. Physical fitness, and hiring cross trainers or other fitness equipment, ensures that you stay fit and healthy over time, leading to benefits such as:

  • Reducing the risk of heart and cardiovascular disease
  • Lessening the impact of some cancers
  • Increasing bone strength
  • Enhancing lung efficiency and performance
  • Keeping you free from stress and depression
  • Improving the immune system
  • Weight loss and muscle building
  • Burning fat

  • Our wide range of elliptical cross trainers for hire come with different exercise program levels built in, so that you can adjust your workout to your specific fitness levels and needs. What's more, the sophisticated back-lit on-board computer can help you monitor your heart rate, body mass index, and body fat percentage. Some of our elliptical cross trainers for hire even include USB connectivity ports for your iPod, iPad, smartphone, or MP3 player, so that you keep yourself entertained as you work out. What's more, there are stride-length adjustment options for tall users who choose to hire cross trainers.

    There are numerous benefits associated with engaging in just a couple of hours of regular exercise - whether it's a daily run, or through cross trainer hire UK. A study done on seniors between the ages of 60 and 70 has found that regular exercise through access to high-performance equipment can increase the size of the hippocampus, maintaining long term memory and reducing the chances of Alzheimer's disease.

    Regardless of where you live, the chances are you have a gym nearby that proudly sports a few high-quality cross trainers, but when there are so many people vying for the same equipment, the chances of you actually getting an adequate workout become increasingly slim. Deciding to hire an elliptical cross trainer of your own can be an ideal solution for those who prefer to bring the gym home with them, meaning that they can workout at any time of day, while watching television and even in their PJs! Some of the benefits you can access when hiring cross trainers, include:

  • Better oxygen consumption for improved calorie burning in comparison to other exercise equipment
  • Full-body exercise without undue pressure on joints - making it ideal for the elderly or individuals facing orthopaedic problems
  • A comfortable and comprehensive approach to fitness that allows individuals to get more out of their workout without becoming fatigued too quickly
  • Amazing solutions for strength and endurance training, with plenty of versatility, allowing individuals to work at their own speed
  • Easy maintenance with machines that are easy to clean and designed to keep you safe and secure throughout your fitness regime

  • Ideal for individuals who want to avoid the heavy-impact exercise, and reduce the chance of injury associated with running - elliptical cross trainer hire UK, offers some of the safest equipment you can use for an intensive workout. The fitness equipment offered by Hire Fitness come with a number of impressive and luxurious features such as a built-in monitor for tracking your exercise programs, and USB connectivity so you can set up your own media during your workout.

    Wherever you live across the UK, choosing to hire cross trainers might be the ideal way to get yourself into the routine of regular full-body workouts. The flexible and adjustable design makes them easy to fit just about anywhere in your home, and the fact that there'll be a top of the range piece of equipment just sitting in your house is bound to motivate you into getting active more often. Get in touch with us today at Hire Fitness, and discover how you can hire an elliptical cross trainer, and change your life for the better.

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    Standard Home Cross-Trainer
    Standard Home Cross-Trainer
    From £12.00 per week

    Standard Home Elliptical Cross-Trainer supporting all of the features that you need for a comprehensive all-over body work out within the comfort of your own home. Capable of working each of the vital muscle groups within your body through sixteen programmes that ensure your motivation levels remain high throughout your exercise regime. The trainer supports various fitness tests, including heart-rate control to help manage your optimum pace, and a built-in body fat and body-mass-index monitor.

    Premium Home Cross-Trainer
    Premium Home Cross-Trainer
    From £14.00 per week

    Premium Home Cross-Trainer, an excellent way for you to work on your cardio-vascular fitness, without exerting undue pressure on your joints, this cross-trainer is full of features to maximize your workout, boasting a smooth, club-like feel and sophisticated on-computer. A sturdy and reliable piece of fitness equipment, this model comes with an adjustable stride length, 16 built-in programmes, 2 user-definable, as well as heart-rate, body-fat and body-mas-index indicators.

    Exercise Bike And Cross Trainer Combo Deal
    Exercise Bike And Cross Trainer Combo Deal
    From £19.00 per week

    Why not hire an exercise bike with a cross trainer and have a mini gym at home for you and all the family. The Deluxe Home Exercise Bike features a sophisticated onboard computer with heart rate monitor and a wealth of built in programmes and the Deluxe Home Elliptical Cross Trainer has built in body fat and body mass index monitors. This super money saving bundle can help you get fit in the comfort of your own home.

    Concept 2 and Cross Trainer Combo Deal
    Concept 2 and Cross Trainer Combo Deal
    From £22.00 per week

    Hire a mini gym to use in the comfort of your own home with this world class rowing machine, the Concept 2 and the Super Deluxe Cross Trainer. The acclaimed Concept 2 rowing machine has been ergonomically designed to help maximise your performance and the cross trainer has many great features including adjustable stride length. This fabulous money saving bundle can be delivered to you and set up anywhere in your home and you can have it for just 4 weeks or longer if you have specific goals.

    Treadmill, Cross Trainer and Vibration Plate Combo Deal
    Treadmill, Cross Trainer and Vibration Plate Combo Deal
    From £39.00 per week

    Fabulous money saving deal which includes our gym quality treadmill, cross-trainer and vibration plate so you can have your own mini gym at home. The Standard Home Treadmill benefits from a cushioned deck to protect your knees from the impact and it folds flat for storage. The Standard Home Cross Trainer gives you a fantastic all over body workout and the Vibration Plate helps with toning and also massage. A perfect fitness solution for all your friends and family.

    Cross Trainer Event Hire 1 - 7 Days
    Cross Trainer Event Hire 1 - 7 Days
    From £0.00 per week

    Call 0800 97 88 555 For A Personalised Quote

    Hire a cross trainer for a charity fitness challenge or for an event; we have a full range of cross trainers to suit your requirements and you can hire them from 1 - 7 days depending on the event you're organising. We deliver and set up the cross trainers for you at the event location, on a day and time to suit you and we collect again afterwards.

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