Fitness Training Videos

Welcome to our Hire Fitness range of fitness videos.  The range of videos covers every major piece of gym equipment available to hire and shows you how to use it to ensure you get the best workout possible.  We include both beginners guides to using fitness equipment and advanced guides so there's something for everyone.  We also have videos giving you useful hints and tips on fitness equipment maintenance to help you keep your equipment looking and running at optimum levels.  We're adding new videos all the time so do pop back to see what's new.



Exercise videos for both beginners right up to advanced users on how to use a treadmill for both cardio fitness and fat burning purposes                                                                                       


 Elliptical Cross Trainers

Videos showing you how to use an elliptical cross trainer as a beginner and how to position yourself to get the best out of your workout


 Exercise Bikes

These videos show you how to maximise your exercise bike workout by maintaining the correct posture throughout your training


Vibration Plates

Our comprehensive set of vibration plate videos cover everything you need to know as a beginner right up to advanced vibration plate workouts including a complete range of workouts for every level


Charity Events

These videos highlight just some of the charity and social projects we get involved with




Fitness Equipment Maintenance

Advice on how to keep your fitness equipment running at optimum levels to ensure you get the best workout possible










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