CaviSculpt Define

The top-selling CaviSculpt Define, incorporates two treatment heads for a complete body solution. The innovative Define uses ultrasound cavitation treatment, which emits both 20 KHz and 40KHZ for removing various types of fatty tissue. The second treatment head is the lipolysis head and diode laser, which emits a small, 1KHZ of treatment designed specifically to treat stubborn areas around the face. This treatment is ideal for stimulating collagen growth and improving skin elasticity
 Minimum Hire Period16 Weeks28 Weeks52 Weeks
 Rental Per Week £110.00 £99.00 £75.00
 Delivery Charge £35.00 £35.00 £35.00
 Free Swap No No No

You only initially pay for the first 4 weeks rent, and a deposit (if applicable) and a delivery charge (if applicable). Subsequent rent will be charged every 4 weeks to your credit card or debit card until you give us 7 days’ notice in writing, prior to agreed hire term expiring

Our CaviSculpt Define is one of our best sellers as it incorporates two treatment heads for an all over body solution.  The Define can treat the body with the ultrasound cavitation treatment head which can emit both 28 and 40KHZ in order to treat different types of fatty tissue mass and you can even choose to pulse between both frequencies in order to tackle particularly stubborn fat.  The Define's second treatment head is a lipolysis head combined with diode laser, emitting just 1KHZ which is designed specifically for the face.  This treatment lifts the face, increases blood circulation and stimulates collagen growth to increase the elasticity of the skin which is lost through age.  This results in a smoother younger looking skin with fewer lines and wrinkles and smaller pores.


Full ABT accredited training is provided with every purchase from the CaviSculpt professional range.  See our sister website for further details:

Good Return on Investment? Excellent - Pays for Itself with Just 1 - 2 Treatments per Week
Cavitation Frequency 28 and 40KHZ plus pulse between the two
Marketing Pack? Yes
On Site Training? Yes - No Previous Experience Necessary
Treatment Head Diameter 50mm
Display 5.5 inch blue led
Ultrasound Cavitation Power 60 Watts - Strongest Allowed by Law
Lipolysis Treatment Head? Yes - 1MHZ plus Diode Lasers (red and blue)
Pulse or Continuous Wave? Both
Foot Pedal Control? Yes
Emergency Stop Button? Yes
Dimensions L380 x W380 x H480 mm
Weight 13KG



Delivery and Training

When you have placed your order, we will call you to arrange delivery and training at a convenient time for you. 

CaviSculpt Define is a powerful professional machine which is only designed for use in salons and clinics.  Full ABT accredited training is mandatory so that insurances can be obtained.


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CaviSculpt Define
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